J. Cole Speaks On Missing Out On ‘Stay’ By Nas w/ MTV | Video


North Carolina native wordsmith, J. Cole, sat down with MTV and spoke about making legendary music with some legendary artists. He first speaks about working with No I.D. in Los Angeles and says how he missed the opportunity to have “Stay”, now of Nas fame, and “Tearz Of Joy”, by Rick Ross. He tells about […] http://dlvr.it/2zqKWF

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  • Nas | “Back When” (2012)


  • Produced by: No I.D.
  • Guitar, Bass by: Steve Wyreman
  • Keys by: James Poyser and Kevin Randolph
  • Additional Vocals by: Kaye Fox and Hannah Sidibe

"They asking how he disappear and reappear back on top
Saying Nas must have naked pictures of God or something"


I def checked some things off my bucket list last night. I never thought I would ever see Nas and Lauryn Hill share a stage together…but I did. Lauryn Hill is such a diva…in the best sense of the word. She just ooozed wisdom. I wanted to record her shpleel about the government and militant love but my phone died. Nas is hip hop. He performed all his classic stuff and most of his new stuff, so you got to see his progression. And Jhene Aiko sounds hella good live. 

Last night I went to the Jhene Aiko/Nas/Lauryn Hill concert


Shit was amazing 

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"But I don’t sweat it, study long, study wrong
My man Dion said Nas over-think the songs he writing
I’m not a wack performer standing near a corny hype man
I got the Donism in me
I’m here to enlighten"

Nas - Back When



Nas -“Life is Good”

Bought the album a few hours ago. Definitely money well spent. Go get it and support that real ish!

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