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Jhene Aiko- Everything Must Go

You cannot fight fire with fire.

An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind

and we are all slaves of desire…

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 burning man (3:16pm) ….. the world will never end . 


Jhene Aiko, last night at Winter Soulstice 


Why my thoughts so cloudy and my hearts so crowded with pain 

I am so frustrated like my souls been taken away

Broken promise of everything that I thought you were

Thought you said this would never hurt, that’s what it did that is all

I do not feel the fear of falling

Thought I could fly

It didn’t go well and oh well

What do you know

I’m right back where I was before

But I’m not alone, you said take my hand

And we go and we go, and we go and we go

And I hope that we don’t overdose

Cause we don’t cause we don’t

No we don’t no we don’t

Ever know when we have had enough

I’m a be so cold, need some more

I’ve never felt these things before

I’m a feind for sure, please don’t go

How could you not need me no more?

i don’t get it 

You’re the only thing that I loved

You’re the only thing that I want

You’re the only reason, the only reason

I do not feel the fear of fallin’, I wanna fly

If it all goes well, then I will

But what if I don’t?

Ill be right where I was before

But I’m not alone

You’re all that I know

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The EP

Flower Of Life

Cocaine 80s

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(Source: cocaine80s)

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