Elijah Blake x J.Cole

Elijah Blake “Everything”


I know I blogged about Elijah Blake only yesterday but I can’t get enough of him so here’s another great track off his EP. Such a great voice.. This kid’s gonna blow up!

“How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?” 

Do yourself a favor and download his Bijoux 22 EP if you haven’t already done so.

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So last night I did my same routine, and listen to Elijah Blake- Everything before I go to bed, I been doing this for a week now but yesterday I had the best dream ever it mad me happy when I was sleeping but when i woke up I was a lil upset because I wanted it to be real…so now im going to try to make my dream into reality :) *wish me luck*


Album #8 is comming

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Beloved - Elijah Blake

wow this song.

(this song’s production sounds like something up the weeknd’s alley, while the singing style I liken to frank ocean’s.)


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