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James Fauntleroy - Smack (Freestyle)

Why am I now just seeing this?

The EP

Flower Of Life

Cocaine 80s

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Cocaine 80s Fauntleroy on the pen…

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James Fauntleroy

Te Amo

ARTium Life…

Jhene Aiko, Elijah Blake, Internz, Big Sean, Zeno, Fauntleroy & No ID (Cocaine 80s)

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I remember her, she remember me. I liked her like a simile.

If you see a ghost, girl don’t approach, it isn’t me. I’m holding on but girl I’m close, you’re killing me. Oh my love, we end up just like a kiss, it’s bittersweet. I’m living but my heart still says, “In memory of your love.” Girl, I’m six feet over.

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Was it the fall?
Was it my fault?
Does she even have a heart to break?
Did it happen when, when the world threw her heart away?
Caught her at the bottom
And promised her I would keep her safe
Or at least fall
So she wouldn’t fall alone
I’ll go where you are
Just tell me I have to know…

Was it my fault?
Did I even break your heart at all?

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