Jhené sits down with her guitarist Jeff to rehearse beautiful acoustic versions of “To Love and Die” , “Stay Ready” and “The Worst”….

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Written and performed by: Jhene’ Aiko
Produced by: The Fisticuffs

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so i, i lay, lay my weapons all down

and i, walk away and make no sound

as lies fall away like bombs on the ground

ending all around

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Common teamed up  with Jhené Aiko aka J. Hennessy for Blak Majik, a track on his new album, Nobody’s Smiling, that comes out July 22nd!

"I am the matter that cannot be seen..
I am the conscious you have in your dream..
Do not be scared of my dark energy..
I am not here, I exist in between..
Yeah, that’s me, I’m magical..
I’m black, I’m strapped with magic, bro..
I’m nothing you have had before..
I’m everything but nothing more..”

Jhené  Aiko - Blak Majik


I love you glow in the dark t shirt - jacket - 💊 at, and everywhere else. Full interlude on soundcloud ^_^

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