Earth Science - Vince Staples


[Produced by No I.D.]

[Verse 1]
Bitches born with shovels
Guess that devil in disguise make you more than a woman
Felt the anger in your eyes since the moment I hugged you
Seemed familiar like a look in the mirror
You took a chance and I appreciate it
Understand that over time our word…

No I.D. And Kyambo 'Hip Hop' Joshua Named New EVP's Of Def Jam Records

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This dude is growing on me after this album.


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vince staples - locked and loaded from shyne coldchain vol. 2

i just sat and read through this whole album because vince staples is the best rapper alive. he is my hip hop boy crush, goodnight.  

i mean, im a white kid from the suburbs but i can still appreciate the ridiculous flow in a line like

this little light of mine, a nine I hide inside of my drawers

ain’t nothing ancient mama, ey lil mama, ey don’t start

i only pray when asking Allah how we made it this far.

if you listen to the song he just rolls all three of those lines off without a breathe and his rhythm is  SO NATURAL.  SO MUCH FLOW.  AND HE’S LIKE 20 YEARS OLD.  

This mixtape is probably going to be like top three hip hop albums of 2014.

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